What is Easy Street Dessert & Wine Bar?

Easy Street Dessert & Wine Bar is a new
establishment located on the Bagnell Dam Strip in Lake Ozark, Missouri. Easy Street is family owned and
operated by the Huston’s. We will
provide quality food, wine,coffee drinks, and desserts to each and every one of our guests. Our goal is to make all of our guests feel right at home and to make a name for ourselves down at the Lake. We are proud and excited to have opened our business in May of 2017!

Where did the name Easy Street come from?

"My late Uncle Red came up with the name for a previous business venture he had. Easy Street is now a name to honor my Uncle" -Tayler Huston

What started the idea for Easy Street?

"I was planning on opening my own
bakery in Jefferson City, MO when my
uncle Terry introduced the building down at the Lake to my Dad and I. It gave us the idea to combine a bakery and a wine bar. A genius idea since wine and desserts go well together!" -Tayler Huston